The company has extensive experience in the sourcing, transportation, financing and marketing of petroleum products. We act as a service provider to top tier producers, refiners and end users of refined products that seek efficient, reliable and transparent logistics solutions. To deliver these services, we engage and integrate all elements of the supply chain to deliver a turn key, end to end solution.


We have developed proprietary systems that facilitate the company's ability to offer industry leading transparency and accessibility.  We seek to be a key participant in the integration and transition of conventional and renewable fuels, with a focus on creation of efficient logistics systems.  As an organization and as individuals, we value equality, moral integrity and wish to make positive impacts on the communities and markets in which we operate.  



As an integrated part of a global supply chain, our duty is to do what we say we will do.  Planning, operations, and actions taken upstream and downstream of the markets in which we operate are impacted directly and indirectly based on the quality and reliability of our performance.

Our business is the collective efforts and actions of our Team, comprised of employees and contracted representatives working cohesively to provide efficient and reliable service. Operating in the physical world comes with unexpected risks and opportunities.  We have in place comprehensive operating procedures and policies to guide the actions taken by our Team in the ordinary course of business. 


The Mjølner Team is trained and empowered to make timely decisions in times of uncertainty or previously unencountered situations. The guiding principles of honesty, transparency and vigilance   are adhered to in all situations.  These guiding principles address the key elements required to deliver our services consistently with the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct.